Brian Sundberg’s real estate philosophy is one of telling it like it is and giving it all he’s got. You can count on him to arm you with logic, build your confidence and advocate for your success as you play to win in the Boulder area’s bustling real estate environment.


“I talk people out of buying more houses than into them.”

That’s a legit quote from Brian Sundberg, and if it doesn’t give you a sense of this guy’s motivations, nothing will. Brian comes from the school of “If I were my client, what would I deserve?” so he’s never shy about pointing out the downside in any deal. The upside? As a buyer, you get the no-nonsense advice you need to not get swept away in the market. As a seller, you know Brian won’t blow smoke. He’ll tell you the truth and help you get as much as you can for your home. Period.

Transparent Pricing

Isn’t it a little weird to negotiate with the person you’re hiring to negotiate with other people for you?

Brian thinks so, which is why he prefers an open, upfront approach to pricing that keeps you on the same side from day one. He offers a range of different listing packages so you can see all your options and not pay for stuff you don’t need. Some homes need a little more sizzle. Some basically sell themselves. Brian ensures you get exactly what you need to get the max return—at a price you’re both comfortable with and without a battle.

No Fail Availability

With a one-person shop, if your agent is unreachable, so are your options.

With a big-name agent who has a full staff, you often get handed off to a junior associate and don’t benefit from the experience of the bigwig you hired. Brian Sundberg offers the best of both worlds. You get the one-on-one attention, advocacy and advice you expect from an expert, plus the benefit of Brian’s small, extended team of licensed assistants who are at the ready for just-hit-the-market showings and other details at a moment’s notice. We. Get. It. Done. Together.